TE Tips and Tricks. Surf Less Get More.Part#3

TE Tips and Tricks. Surf Less Get More.Part#3

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Hi. First want to say, I know it’s late already but Happy New Year..!

I was to busy to write in my blog. But now i have some time. So I’m here.

Today I want to recommend you one of my favorite TE, Traffic Swirl

  • 0.6 credits per view and a 10 second timer
  • $20.00 Min Cashout
  • 20% From your Referrals
  • 10 sites to promote

Use promo code “SignUpBonus” for 650 free credits!

Monthly Top Referral contest
The top referrer for the month gets a free elite lifetime upgrade

Weekly ticket Drawing
Every week a ticket is selected, if your ticket is selected you win 1000 credits and $5, you claim a ticket every 100 pages surfed.

Top Promoter Bonus
Each day the current top promoter gets $1 added to their commissions. The top promoter is the user that has had their splash pages viewed the most times in the last 30 days. Only unique (first views) will count towards this bonus.

Sunday (Double Jackpot !)
All Rapid Win Jackpot Wins are Automatically Doubled!

Monday (Cash Money)
Members earn prizes from $0.01 = $10.00 on the Swirly Paws board game!

Tuesday (250)
Every Tuesday 10 surfers will randomly be selected who surfed 250 or more pages. 5 Winners will receive 250 credits, another 5 winners will receive $2.50.

Wednesday (Traffic Swirl Surf Party)
Surf 50 pages Traffic Swirl and with our guest TE to win! 5 Winners will receive 100-500 credits!

Thursday (Double Swirly Credits)ALL Swirly Paws Board Game Bonus Winnings are DOUBLED!

Friday (5 for 5)
Every Friday 5 members who have surfed more than 5 pages will be randomly selected and each will receive $5 cash.

Also they are add Marketplace. Where you can trade your Credits, Keys, Chests and Rapid Win Picks.

Great offer was on New Year, Life Time Pro Upgrade. So I grab it =) Thats awesome.


Surf at least 50 pages every day to get Reward points and some cool Prize.

If you have account in Fast Cash and Traffic, you can transfer you credits from Traffic Swirl. I have it =) You can register to click banner below.


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