TE Tips and Tricks. Surf Less Get More…

TE Tips and Tricks. Surf Less Get More…

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Hi to everyone.

Today I want to talk about Manual Traffic Exchanges. I had use them before, but than just stop. Like a week before I check couple my accounts, and guess what i seen..? Referrals…Yep, it’s make me smile =)

So for now I will use them again. Because it’s the BEST FREE WAY TO GET REFERRALS. Not only for TE (Traffic Exchange in future) but also for PTC.

First TE what i want to recommend you, it’s Hit2Hit


Hit2Hit launched on September 6th 2005. Has 2:1 Surf Ratio, 6 sec Timer, Minimum Cashout   $5.00, Referrals commission  5% and You can promote  4 sites.

My tips for this TE, it’s to surf only when you have offer (surf 100 pages get 30-40 Extra Credits). Sometimes you will get email with this notification. It’s the best time to surf. Lets calculate, when you surf 100 pages – 50 credits, and plus 30-40 extra, its will be 80-90 credits for your site. You know what I’m talking about. It’s only a one thing  what I can say about this TE. The site very simple for use. Don’t have prizes while surfing =(

Thats all for today… In the next post I will write about another TE. So see you soon.

Thanks. Waiting for your comments…

P.S. Do not promote fairtradetraffic.com in Auto TE, I just get banned from that site, and found the rule where it’s says about promotion. So it’s my fold. I had there $5  =( So be careful when you promote any sites what pay you to view they page, always read TOS, and FAQ.

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