My Results From “Ed Newman”  Solo Ads [Safe-Swaps]

My Results From “Ed Newman” Solo Ads [Safe-Swaps]

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Hi guys..!

One more Solo Ads at Safe-Swaps are done, and I’m sharing my results with you.

I promote TOAN free report. (You can read about that in my previously post)

100 clicks for $34. Got 122 Clicks and 19 Leads. It’s $1.78 per Lead. I’m still testing my Lead Pages, the results can be better if I will find the best converting page.

I use 2 step confirm opt-in. It looks like this:

Opt in -> Page where says “One more step left, go to your mail box and confirm subscription” -> Thank you page

And on “Thank you” page I have another offer.

I think if I will use 1 step opt in, the conversion rate will be higher, but I’m use Traffic Wave, and it doesn’t allow me to to that.

To track my conversions I use tool, which is really great, and I recommend you to use it.

I can recommend Ed Newman to buy Solo Ads from him.

Will do more soon.

Comments are welcome.. =)




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