Legacy Hits and Social Ad Surf Review. Surf Less Get More…

Legacy Hits and Social Ad Surf Review. Surf Less Get More…

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Hi friends.

Today I want to talk about 2 of my favorite Manual TE.

Its Legacy Hits and Social Ad Surf.

So lets start.

  • 0.4 credits per view and a 4 second timer
  • $10.00 Min Cashout
  • 10% From your Referrals
  • 5 sites to promote

Every day there is promo code, you will find it on home page.

Its look like: Surf Promo Code: sun280 Enter it, Surf 175 pages, Get 28/280/280.

Find in the menu Enter Promo Code button, and put your code before sufing..!

After when you done with surfing check the Surfer Rewards:

Surf 50 Pages
Receive 5 Credits or 25 Banner Imps or 25 Text Link Imps
Surf 100 Pages
Receive 10 Credits or 50 Banner Imps or 50 Text Link Imps
Surf 250 Pages
Receive 50 Credits or 350 Banner Imps or 350 Text Link Imps
Surf 375 Pages
Receive 60 Credits or 450 Banner Imps or 450 Text Link Imps
Surf 600 Pages
Receive 80 Credits or 800 Banner Imps or 800 Text Link Imps
Surf 1000 Pages
Receive $0.05 USD cash or 100 Credits or 1500 Banner Imps or 1500 Text Link Imps 

Ok. Lets move forward. While you will be surfing, you will play Traffic Tomb Game.

Before you will go to surf make sure what you have enough  Ankhs. Go to Traffic Tomb Game (In the menu) click Store and buy Ankhs, 5 for 10 credits. Thats it, ready to surf.

  • 0.4 credits per view and a 3 second timer
  • $15.00 Min Cashout
  • 10% From your Referrals
  • 3 sites to promote

When you log in, you will see Surf Promo Code, so grab it and enter in My ads – Enter Promo Code.

One trick on this TE is if you have more friend you will have more credits per 1 view. Add as many people as you can. And go to surf. When you done go to My Ads – Surfer Rewards and grab it.


This 2 sites are similar, from the same admins. Also when you surf them BOTH you get BONUS, you will see it on the bottom of the page.

BONUS can be 1%-100%, you can make a lot of credits to surfing them at one moment.

Remember, sometimes its more easy to but credits, like spent time to earn them. Regular price for 1000 credits $7. If you will see 5000 credits for 20$ it’s good deal.

Every day when you login, you will see some offers, wait for good one, it’s can be Upgrade, Credits or other staff. I like when they offer Lifetime Upgrade with random refs, thats awesome.

Thats all for today.

Good luck with surfing =)


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