How to create a Keyword List

How to create a Keyword List

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Summary: Put together a list of keyword phrases to use for article marketing, blogging, and building web pages for your website.
Benefit – Helps you organize your business by targeting new phrases all of the time. Search engines will pick you up and rank your pages and give you tons of free traffic over time.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Go here. We will use the free keyword research tool from Google

2. Go to the middle of the page and type in your primary keyword where it says: Enter One Keyword or Phrase Per Line: This would be your primary keyword for your site which is something like home business, work at home, earn money etc. In this example I will use the words work at home.

3. Type in the characters for your primary keyword in the box, choose “All Countries and Territories” and click on Get Keyword Ideas. Be patient as it can take a few seconds to give you the results.

4. You will get results of 50, 100, 200 words etc. For work at home it delivered 150 results. Select “Exact” from the “Match Type” drop down menu on the right hand side. To see how often a keyword is being searched every month on Google I look at the Approx. Avg. Search Volume which is based on 12 months of people searching for this phrase on Google for your country and language.

5. Scroll down and look for the words text, csv for excel, csv. Click on the text link.

6. Save this list as a word document, or in notepad etc. Call it “work at home keywords deleted”. I call it that because as I use a phrase I delete it until all of the words have been used in an article, blog post, web page etc.

7. Look at the additional keyword phrases Google gives you. Save this list as well and use them as secondary keywords in the body of your articles, blog posts and web pages. This will help prevent you from spamming your primary keyword over and over in the body of what you write.

8. Start working thru your list. Use a different phrase in each article, in each blog post, and for building a web page. Try and only use the keyword phrases in the title, intro and closing of each article to avoid spamming it. Do not worry about keyword density as Google pays noattention to it anymore.

Over time you will develop great unique content and keyword relevancy for your site and blog that the search engines will reward you for.

Keyword Winner

More Information
Type in a 4 word phrase. Build a list of phrases 4 words or more. These are known as long tail keyword phrases and usually have less competition than a short phrase like work at home. Does this work? I am on page one of Google for over 3000 unique keyword phrases now and have been found by people typing in phrases as long as 11 words. Google search “easy ways to make money at home and do it fast” without the quotation marks. I am #1. These longer phrases are low volume searches, but are very targeted and have less competition than shorter phrases.

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