Where To Buy PTC Advertising. My Results.

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Hey Nazarii is here…

I did it some tests and want to share is with you.

I always looking for good places where I can buy ad to promote my PTC ref links. Also want to keep as low as possible.

I did a lot of ads with Neobux, but this time did it totally wrong.

But we have what we have…

I purchase 1 Day Fixed Ad for 100$. And start promoting my new PTC Adzpot.

Check this numbers:nbstats

For 100$ you will get in AVG 140.000 visits to your page/site.

Also look at geo stats:


Like 1 hour after I start my ad, got payment from admin 20$ and message what this is compensation what server was down for like 2 hours!!

What it means for me.?

I lost money, and probably more that 20$

So i got 29 DR and spend $100-$20= $80 / 29 = $2.75 per DR.

Too much like for me..

What you think..?

Here is my recommendation if you want to buy fixed ad from Neobux:

- DO NOT promote single PTC. Create a blog and add 5-10 sites.

Chances what you will get more refs are higher.

I will try fixed ad again, but with blog ;)

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