Experiment: How To Make Money From PTC. DAY 16 + Quick Tip

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Day 16 of my experiment with NerdBux.

Almost $7, now it become more realistic for me :)

All refs clicking good. Site is growing. I like it.

Now I have a lot of plans for PTC sites. And i think will start to work with couple more sites.

All what I don’t like it, is that what I need to click 4 ads every day to make money from refs.

With my old 5 PTC, I don’t need to click any ads to make money :)

Also want to give you a quick tip if you want to promote some PTC in Neobux:

- Buy Micro Ads, cause they cheap. You don’t need what people see your ads for 30 sec or 1 min to decide to join or not. 5 sec it’s good enough.

- Make sure what nobody else run the same ad as you are. If there is another person advertising the same PTC, your chances are cutting by 50%.
Investments – $140

  •  Upgrade ($50/Year)
  • Rented 100+140 Refs ($48).
  • AD Spend $42, and got 58 DR.


Check my stats here:

December 1 – December 7  2013:

RR clicks: 36007

DR clicks: 4110

Money:  $40.11

November 24 – November 30 2013:

RR clicks: 15473

DR clicks: 2256

Money:  $17.72

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