15 Refs for $5..?

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Alright, here is another result of my experiments with PTC advertising.

I join Myadsclick.com, upgrade my account for $6.99/mo and purchase 1 banner at Bestptcpaying.com on the right side 1st one for $5 a day.

Here is what I got from 1 day of my banner ad:




58 clicks, not too much right..?

Check geo stats:


A lot of clicks come from US, thats great.

Let’s calculate: $5 / 15refs = $0.33 per ref. Not to bad, right..?

I mean so much better than my last one from Neobux ;)

58 clicks and 15 refs, looks like hight targeting site. 25.86% from click to sign up :)

They have Fixed Ad at NerdBux. And averaging around 30.000 visits a day, when NerdBux is growing it will be more visits, means more clicks to your banner.



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