100$ per DAY from PTC sites. Is it REAL? Part#4

100$ per DAY from PTC sites. Is it REAL? Part#4

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Hi guys.
Finally I’m here. Just move to my new office =)
So what is new for now?
I signed up in couple ELITE PTC sites, (check the www.ptc-investigation.com for legit PTC) I will recommend you to do the same. Here is the sites:

I’m in Top 50 Sponsors Clixsense – All Time =) Got already 600+ referrals. Neobux going not to bad. My 231 refs make me $2+.
Also I create a blog about PTC sites, you will learn there how to get referrals for free. Visit now http://tipsforptc.blogspot.com

Every Saturday i do advertisement in Neobux. Promoting my link to Clixsense, Clicksia, BuxP.

New site what I signed up it also SuperPay . Here is my stat.

SuperPay Proff legit

Click Image to Enlarge

Here is my  Clicksia Stat:

I love this site, because you  get paid when you promote you link, for every view of my link I will get $0.0002 ($0.0001 for Free members). How you can see I made $3.76 only to showing my link =) Thats cool.

Click Image to Enlarge

 Another good profitable site its ProfitClicking. Where you will get $10 for FREE. You can make $0.2 per day just for viewing 3 ads per day. I load $100 more and for now making $2.2 per day. Here is stat:


More info about   ProfitClicking you can find at http://tipsforptc.blogspot.com.


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