100$ per DAY from PTC sites. Is it REAL? Part#1

100$ per DAY from PTC sites. Is it REAL? Part#1

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Hi guys. I never been so seriously to make some money online like now. Week or two ago I’m signed up for many traffic exchanges programs, try to build downline, its difficult =) But still surfing every day. Also purchased premium account at EasyHits4U. Its one of the best TE program , 600000 members registered. So i will keep doing it, till I get enough referrals. OK. Done.

Now I want talk about PTC. I seen those sites before, where people making 50 cents per 1 hour ) Thats not for me. I dont have a time for that. I’ll go another way to make some money from PTC. So 2 days I sign up at ClixSense and  NeoBux. My investing to Neobux  its 70$ (50000 Micro Exposure ). I got 33 referrals in  ClixSense.

33 referrals make me around 33 cents per day. (1 referral 1 cent)

I also want to try not so popular PTC like this one  - BuxorMEN and InfinityBUX.

Rented 25 referrals. Don’t remember how much =) 19 active (It’s good enough)

Statistic of   InfinityBUX  24,028 Members | 96 Members Online | $237,628 Paid | 3 Refs for Rent

This PTC its goo because you can rent referrlas for 10 years=)  So there is always low numbers refs for rent. I thought thats good sign to buy some. I bought 3 (Price for each one its $1, but only 2 are active, so far they are made me $0.0033)

Statistic of   BuxorMEN 2,212 Members | 16 Members Online | $18 Paid | 1,268 Refs for Rent.

I think $18 paid for 2.212 members its very low amount. But anyway I signed up already, just for experiment. Rented 20 referrals for $1.5 each, maybe it’s too expensive, but it’s only for experiment =) 9 of them are active and made me $0.12.

 Investing: $70+25 refferals ( Neobux  )+$3( InfinityBUX )+$30( BuxorMEN ) =$103

Made already  0.12 ( BuxorMEN ) +  $0.0353 ( InfinityBUX ) +   $0.606 ( Neobux  ) + $1.0770 ( ClixSense ) = $1.8383 =)

Next what I’ll do buy more ads from   Neobux , but i will test, split some ads, and run for couple days. Thats it for now.

Good Luck.

By xatka =)

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