How to get paid on Auto Surf…

How to get paid on Auto Surf…

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Hi to everyone.

Today I want to share with you one method, what I tested. There is a lot of sites what will “pay” you to auto surf. But I’m not sure what all of them will pay. More than 98% of them scam. I’m try to use only Elite PTC, sites trusted by thousands people.

The 1-st site what I want talk about it’s

You will get $0.0002 for every view of your ref link. But that site don’t ALLOW to promote ref link in Auto Surf.!!

So here is  Autosurfs sites what I use:



You can join as many sites you want, if you have good internet connection =)

Clicksia   and Incentria also will pay you to promote, but only $0.0001 for free members and $0.0002, and they are using IP block for 7 days. That means if somebody seen  Clicksia or  Incentria sites in the past 7 days you will NOT be credited. Not really good. In my statistic I get paid only for 30% of my views  =(

Some programs what I joined for past week its CashnHits, they are pay for sites viewing, like regular PTC, video viewing, and Autosurf, and paid to Promote around $0.0002 (But not ALLOW to promote in Auto-Surf!!) Thats what I need =)  You can make around $0.10 for auto-surfing. Just click auto surf, and thats it. You can do whatever you want. Easy money =)

And one manual traffic exchange, what will pay $2.00 to join. For 100 pages surfed you will get $0.02. Here is the link:

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