100$ per DAY from PTC sites. Is it REAL? Part#5

100$ per DAY from PTC sites. Is it REAL? Part#5

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Hi to everyone. First what I want to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Yeaaaah =)

I have a day off today and tomorrow, so  thats means I have some time to write this post. Yes I’m still make money from PTC, every day more and more. Every day I become closer to my target- $100/day from PTC =)

For past weeks I joined couple more programs, thats:



And Auto surf programs:


For now I joined in 4 auto-surfing programs, they are working all the time, even while I’m sleep =) but I didn’t decide for what I’ll use those credits.

Here is this programs:





Still doing advertising in Neobux every week, but using different description for ad, and now I get more reffs, for example last my campaign  76000 show ups – I get 110 refs. Not bad.

Promoting   Incentria in Clixsense ClixGrid, Ad cost $17 for now I get 7 refs, and $0.67 in account. Will see in the end, if thats good or not.

My rented reffs in  www.twickerz.com are crazy =) The average is 7, first 50 I rented like month ago, and till now I didn’t replace any of them. For now I have 100, and they are click every day. Unbelievable. Recommend to rent reffs in www.twickerz.com.

www.superpay.me  block my account last week. They are says what I’m using different IP address. It’s a second time. First time i’m use my cell phone login to account, then they are block account. So I sent my photo proof, Driver License. But for now it’s good. Have 136 reffs, did it couple withdraws, won twice referrals contest, $1 each time, but did’n make any big money. All refs awre from Clixsense ClixGrid.

ProfitClicking  stop  paying commissions for last 2 weeks, and yesterday finally I get some money. But now I have 6 ad packs expired already, and don’t now why. So I sent ticket to support, waiting for answer.

All payment proof you can see in my flick account here. Also I created FB page, check it here.

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How much did you make from your PTC sites?

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