100$ per DAY from PTC sites. Is it REAL? Part#2

100$ per DAY from PTC sites. Is it REAL? Part#2

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Hi guys. Before you will read this post you have to check the firs part 100$ per DAY from PTC sites. Is it REAL? Part#1. Today is Monday. I just come back from little vocation =) Don’t have any time yesterday.

I will start with Clixsense. It’s work , advertising, referrals, money is coming =)

Here is screen shot from my Clixsense Stat


Click Image to Enlarge

How you can see,  Advertising 157.648 Unique (163.867 Total) most of them from Neobux.

Let’s count it , I started 22 Aug 2012. At the same day I purchased 50000 Clicks and just start my campaign. Not really good idea =) Got only 33 referrals.

 http://www.infinitybux.com it’s a scam. So all money what I invest it this project i spend for advertisement, and got 5 active  referrals for $7, i think it’s not bad. Than i buy some AD at http://adhitz.com,  $20+$4.99, spend already $1.84  and got 2 referrals, only 1 is active =(

 http://www.buxormen.com it’s totally doesn’t work, even advertising, so can’t say anything.

Neobux  it’s a best place to get Clixsense referals. Make sure when you start your AD, there is no more ads from clixsense running, you will waste you money. Saturday from noon to evening it was my best time, for  34,869  views I got 37 sign ups =) Do not run your AD at monday, for sure you will get some sign ups, but not too much how you can imagine =)

Also i rent in Neobux  2012/08/21 –  25 refs, and  2012/08/29 – 100 refs. Total 125 refs($30), some of them I already recycled, who don’t click for 3 or more days. All stat I will write after 30 days. And I’ll see how this work for me.

The next what I will do its keep maintenance my 125 refs at Neobux , maybe buy some more ads. My sponsor shared with me a site where a guy sell 15+ referrals for $12. I want to try, and let you know in the next post.

For 03.09.2012 Total investments Neobux  ($70+$130+$30-refs) +  infinitybux ($7) +  buxormen ($5)  +  adhitz ($1.84) = $243.84

Total made   Clixsense  ($15.05) +   Neobux ($6.61) = $21.66

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