Empower Network Unique Lead Pages

Empower Network Unique Lead Pages

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Welcome all Empower Network Affiliates..!

Every day it’s harder to promote Empower Network, using the same Lead Pages. 100,000 Members already and it’s GREAT..!

A lot of people already seen the Standart EN Lead pages, so i want to share with you some cool new pages, what you can use to promote and get some leads.

Here is the Lead Pages:


Click here for DEMO view.

And another one:


Click here for DEMO view.

I know what a lot of people who accept SOLO ADS – DON’T Accept Empower Network anymore…! Why …? Because  subscribers tired to see the same pages all the time..!And when you send the URL to be approve for SOLO AD,

 they can see what it start with http://www.empowernetwork.com/……………

I will sale this 2 pages fro 30$ each. The price include my work to put your Aweber code in, and all setup.

If you don’t have a hosting where to store this lead page, I can store on my for $5 a month.

Always track your traffic. How ..? Check out Trck.me. I use this site for a long time. You will see where from traffic is coming, and what pages convert best..!

Always contact seller before purchasing..! Ask him about discounts, send a copy of ad what you want to run.

Here is some places where you can buy SOLO AD:

In the first page you can change a background image (has to be hight quality). More DEMO: PAGE 1  |   PAGE 2

The price of 1 page will include:

- Autoresponder Code Instalation

- Background Change

- Google Analytics Code (If need)

- Remove my site link from the bottom (Extra $20)

Contact me on Facebook  http://facebook.com/myxatka

Or Email: semeniuknazarii [at] gmail.com

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