Autopilot Profit Formula.Installing A Theme And Plugins (Part#4)

Autopilot Profit Formula.Installing A Theme And Plugins (Part#4)

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WordPress comes with a default theme that can easily be changed. You can find hundreds of free themes from WordPress themselves - – or you can choose to use one of the many Premium WordPress themes on the market. To install them, you can do it through the WordPress admin section or by downloading them and then uploading to your webhost by using an FTP program.
When you first install your blog, you will have the default theme installed – this isn’t a bad theme to start with if you haven’t yet chosen a different one. Here’s how to upload and change the theme to something that you like and hat also suits your topic.
Check out the following sites:

To find a theme that will suit your niche topic, just do a search like ‘health wordpress theme’ etc. Just make sure that the theme you choose supports Widgets. Make sure your theme is as simple and uncluttered as possible – I
prefer sites with a predominantly white background and black text as they’re easier to read. 2 columns is best – the main column, and the sidebar. Fancy looking themes (e.g. magazine themes) won’t convert well for this type of site. Once you’ve found a suitable theme, download it and unzip it.
1) Now in order to upload the theme (or anything) to your hosting account you will need something called an FTP Client. I recommend using Filezilla (I use this myself) and it’s free and very easy to use. Go to and download it. Next install it and open it up and log in using your hosting account details (username, password and IP address (Host)). Below is what Filezilla looks like when you open it up and log in. On the left are the files on your computer and on the right side is the files on your website:

Click Image to Enlarge

2) On the left side (your computer files side), find the place (for example, your desktop) where you put the WordPress theme you found earlier that you upzipped.
3) On the right hand side (the website files side), find the folder called ‘wp-content’ and click on it. In my files above it’s inside the public_html folder.
4) Click on the ‘themes’ folder
5) Now drag your theme from left over to the right hand side, into your ‘themes’ folder:
6) Now go and log into you blog by typing the URL of your blog followed by ‘wp-admin’ at the end. E.g.
7) On the left hand side you should see a category called ‘Appearances’. Click on it, then click on ‘Themes’.
8) You should see a few available themes, including the default theme and the theme you just uploaded. Find the theme you just uploaded and click ‘Activate’.
9) Now visit the site URL to see if the theme has uploaded properly.

If you would prefer to use a paid theme, I use Thesis from (I don’t just use the paid theme though – I use free
themes too). You don’t NEED the paid theme to make money, I just like Thesis
because it’s easy to customize and looks good.

 What goes in the sidebar?
To edit what goes in the sidebar you need to go to Appearance > Widgets. Drag across a text widget (to the sidebar widget area). In this widget box you will put either an image of the product, or a banner. If your affiliate program offers banners (which most do) you should be able to get the banner code, paste it into the box, and save.
Later on you will be adding 2 Custom Menus to the sidebar, but you don’t need to worry about that until you get to the content creation section. In the footer, we will add small links to the About, Contact, and Privacy Policy
page. Go to Appearance > Editor > Footer (in the templates section on the right hand side)

You can use the following code:

<a href=”“>Contact</a>
| <a href=”“>About Me</a>
| <a href=”“>Privacy
Remember to change the red links to your own domain.

Plug-ins are small software programs that improve the usability and effectiveness of WordPress sites. Whilst there are some plug-ins that you have to buy, the vast majority of them are completely free to use.
You don’t need to add too many plugins to start off with (you can add more later if you wish). Usually I just add the following:

All In One SEO Pack
Google XML Sitemaps
Contact 7 – An easy way to add a contact form
WP Touch -Transforms your blog into an iphone friendly site if visited from an
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin -Good for internal linking
If you want to be able to check your stats I recommend adding Google Analytics For
Wordpress (if you want to use Google Analytics), or the official Statcounter WordPress
plugin if you want to use Statcounter.

Just like the themes, each of these will need to be downloaded to your computer and unzipped. And again like the themes, you will need to upload them using your ftp program, but this time to the ‘plugins’ folder. If you don’t know how to do this you can follow this link to find tutorials on Youtube. Once you have uploaded the plugins you will again need to log in to your WordPress dashboard and activate the plugins. It is advisable to read the
tutorials that come with each plugin so that you know how to use them correctly.
Now that your theme and plugins are installed you are ready to start adding content.

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