How To Sell Affiliate Products and Build Email List

How To Sell Affiliate Products and Build Email List

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Hi guys.

Today i want to share with you this Webinar. The best one what I ever seen before. The guy didn’t talk about how much He is making, and not showing the screen of thousands of dollars what He make per day, like the most “gurus” do =)

He is talking about how you can promote any Affiliate Product, even if this product for a long time in the market. And how to build your list, with no spending of thousands of dollars. You can start with any badge what you want. For me it was like eyes opener =) So, if you want to know how to build your Email List, and make money on it, you have to watch it ..!

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Here is some notes from webinar:

Money Getting Formula

1. Need To Find Something to Sell

- Affiliate Stuff (click bank, click sure,
- Sell Your Own Stuff
- Biz Opportunity

Ask These Questions:
- How much $$$ are you making per sale..?
- I there residual income..?
- How fast do you get paid

2. Create Custom Landing Page

- Create it yourself
- Get somebody else to do it for you.
- Easy Landing Page Pro


1. Catchy headline
2. Sub headline
3. Call to action
4. Optin form (email)


3. Get Traffic

- OPL Method: tap into other people’s lists to get traffic your way.
 - solo ad.  [ |]

- OFFLINE Marketing
- Voice broadcasts
- Newspaper ads []
- Text Marketing
- Magazine Ads
- Postcards

CPA Back Door []
1. Pay per email submit
2. Have double opt in enabled
3. Set your daily limit

4. Take care of your list BETTER than anybody else in the industry..!


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